via Alto Adige 176
38121 Trento IT

via Ventura 6
20134 Milano IT

T: +39 0461 984206 / +39 340 5747013
M: info@arteboccanera.com

Opening times in Trento
Tuesday - Saturday
 2-7pm or by appointment

Opening times in Milano
by appointment

Director / Owner
Giorgia Lucchi Boccanera

Gallery Team:
Paola Gallio - Curator
Giorgio Lucchi - Director Assistant
Giorgia Basso - Assistant
Peggy Boccanera - Team Assistant
Roberta Dorigoni - Administration

Boccanera Gallery by Giorgia Lucchi Boccanera was established in 2007 from the desire to discover and support new artists until they were able to carry on their research towards a mature conceptual complexity.
The gallery supports emerging artists as well as established ones, taking into account their potential growth in the future and the degree of personal and artistic research expressed in their works.

If in the early years the focus was on the gradual reinforcement of the national artistic scene, in due time, the gaze has been gradually moved towards international experiments thanks to the involvement of foreign curators.
From 2012 the gallery’s focus is on the East and South East European artistic scene because of the particular contemporary aspect of the social and historical intensity and their aesthetic outcome.
In 2016 Boccanera Gallery has opened the satellite space Boccanera, 6 Ventura St., in Lambrate, the heart of Milano’s Art District.
After ten years of activity, Boccanera gallery is now expanding its scope by working with young and underrepresented artists overseas.
Boccanera is open to collaborating with guest Curators with an aim to develop conversations around upcoming art scenes in South America, and the US and remains committed to emphasizing the importance of nurturing emerging artistic talent.