• Cristian Avram, Empty plate, 2017, oil on canvas, 90 x 140 cm

The Paintbrush Factory, ground floor
59–61 Henri Barbusse Cluj-Napoca

Artists: Cristian Avram, Alexandru Lupea, Tincuta Marin, Bogdan Rusu, Eliza Puscasu (Stanciu), Matei Tigâreanu
Curator: Roxana Modreanu

Opening: Friday, February 23,  from 7pm
February 23 - March 24, 2018

This exhibition comprises works from winners selected by the Plan B Foundation of the Expo Maraton competition organized by the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca. It brings together a group of young artists who manage, through their works, to construct powerful and lucid artistic discourses on contemporary society. As students, or fresh graduates, Cristian Avram, Alexandru Lupea, Tincuța Marin, Eliza Pușcașu (Stanciu), Bogdan Rusu and Matei Țigăreanu are confronted with traditional representations specific to their respective media of artistic expression, managing to offer personal and original solutions in the context of contemporary art. By highlighting their own inner worlds, and by creating connections with various other fields – from the word of art, or from tangential spheres of activity – the six artists reflect upon the world in their immediate vicinity, shedding light on subjects of interest to their generation, from the absurdity and monotony of everyday life, saturated as it is with the drive towards sensationalism, to a return to tradition, to nature, or to the inner world. They also touch upon issues specific to the world of art, such as methods of visual representation, or the transmutation of functional objects into eminently aesthetic things. Displaying a fresh vision on social phenomena specific to contemporary society, the six artists reinterpret them in a personal fashion, in accordance with a synthetic perspective of the surrounding world.

In this context, Talking 'bout my generation highlights the increasingly consistent presence on the artistic scene of a new generation of artists which is beginning to differentiate itself more and more poignantly from previous generations, offering the public new preoccupations and methods of investigating the contemporary social environ. The six artists break away from previous conventions and bring a new windfall, animated by an expressive force which can only derive from belonging to a new generation.

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