ANDREA FONTANARI | JCE Jeune Création Européenne

ANDREA FONTANARI, JCE - Jeune Création Européenne 
Biennal d'art contemporain 2017-2019
October, 2017 - August, 2019

Executive Curator of the JCE: Andrea Ponsini

Museu De L'Empordà 
La Rambla 2
17600 Figures, Girona - ES
26 aprile - 24 giugno 2019 | April 26th - June 24th, 2019

A cura di | Curated by Mario Pasqualotto

The JCE Biennale is above all a network linking different European cities concerned with promoting the work of their country’s young artists as well as allowing these artists’ cultural actions to be known beyond their borders. Each country is represented by a curator whose responsibility it is to select eight young artists who will participate in the JCE Biennale by presenting one of their artworks. Once the artworks of each country have been assembled, the JCE Biennale takes the shape of a large traveling collective exhibit which settles down in each of the partner cities over the course of two consecutive years. Through implementing this network, the JCE successfully manages to assemble emerging art scenes in the European Union, which share similar values and cultural objectives. Thus it represents a privileged moment of encounters and exchange between artists and professionals across Europe. At the heart of these shared esthetics, perceptions, and creative processes, the JCE Biennale wishes to open a terrain conducive to the questioning and new experiences necessary in order to stimulate youth creation. It is this collaborative nature which imposes itself as the guarantor of the free circulation of ideas and artistic research both on the national and international scale.

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