NOT A GROUP SHOW | April 19 - May 20, 2013

  • Star Track, 2013, First aid wrap

Valentina Miorandi taking part at 


with Younes Baba-Ali, Valentina Miorandi & Jonathan Sullam at Gallery Artecontemporanea Bruxelles, opening during the gallery night on Friday 19th April from 6 till 11 p.m.

Venue : 22, Rue des Chevaliers | 3rd floor | BRUSSELS 1050 B
Info : mb +32 (0)496 67 33 16 e-m info@artecontemporaneact.com
Date : from April 20 to May 20, 2013


La “bandiera” riproduce il simbolo dell’euro nel logo della BCE con le 12 stelle dei membri fondatori, applicate su un telo termico dorato di pronto soccorso. Metafora della coesistenza di opulenza e miseria, di disuguaglianze dolorosamente stridenti, il lavoro enfatizza la contraddizione e si propone come veicolo per il suo superamento.
La bandiera, infatti, sarà scambiata fra euro-funzionari che auspicano una significativa riforma del presente sistema sociale e se ne propongono attori. Ciascuno dei partecipanti al progetto provvederà a affiggere la bandiera nel proprio luogo di lavoro presso le istituzioni europee e compilerà una propria proposta di riforma, che sarà inserita nella busta prevista allo scopo . Alla scadenza del progetto (21 aprile 2014), la busta contenente le idee generate dal percorso di Star Track verranno consegnate a tutti i vertici dell’UE.

The “flag” replaces the Euro symbol of the European Central Bank’s logo by the twelve stars of the founding Fathers, and stick them on a golden first aid wrap. A metaphor for the universal impoverishment caused by European austerity policies, and for the ensuing painfully growing inequalities, the work stresses the urgent need for solutions and is offered as the mean to overcome the problem. Indeed, the “flag”, will be exchanged among euro-officials who be willing to stand for a significant reform of the present social system and would be eager to take themselves the initiative. Each of the participants in the project will put up the flag at their workplace within the EU institutions and file its own reform proposals, to be collected within the envelope provided for this purpose. At the deadline of the project (April 21st, 2014), the envelope containing the ideas generated from the Star Track mobilization will be delivered to all EU authorities.

Not A Group Show…
because the three artists are dissatisfied with the world as it is, and dissatisfaction is nothing but the premise for all creative ventures. In order to placate dissatisfaction, the three fantasize, but fantasies themselves may diverge, may take different routes. And the obvious social critique imbedded in their research is no common ground either, as it is supported by different media, linguistic codes and personal outlooks.

On the other side, the challenge of a contiguous heterogeneity is justified by the aim of taking seriously the complexity of the questions facing contemporary art: indeed, the imperative quest for change may, or perhaps should, require answers from more than one possible futures. So, Not A Group Show introduces one answer by artist, among which one can choose, or perhaps build a combination according to the interest and/or pleasure got by the fruition. After all, the three artists see future as a way out from the commodification of both art and life; and while ways out may not
crosscut one another, they are not forcedly at odds.