BLUMM PRIZE. ART IN PROGRESS | U40 | Brussels, September 25, 2013

Blumm Prize by Pomilio Blumm

The Blumm Prize Award Ceremony and the exhibition of the works in competition will take place every year in a different european capital. For the 2013 edition, the event will be held during fall in one of the most important exhibition centres of the city and will be followed by the third edition of International Communication Summit, a major international event organized by Pomilio Blumm since 2010.

September 25th, 2013 – 6.30 p.m.
Prize giving Ceremony
Embassy of Italy 43 Avenue Legrand, Brussels 

Artists in competition: Afterall, Aurora Meccanica, Davide Balliano, Simone Bergantini, Claude Collins Stracensky, Dusica Drazic, Ygor Eskinja, Matteo Fato, Leonora Hamill, Richard Loskot, Andrea Mastrovito, Jacopo Mazzonelli, Ivan Moudov, Maria Elisabetta Novello, Yael Plat, David Rickard, Cagdas Sari, Michele Spanghero, Jonathan Sullam, Lamberto Teotino

The Blumm Prize asks artists to express their creativity on transparency between Institutions and Citizens, i.e. the more transparent relationship between Citizen and public spending, where Institutions have the task of raising awareness of values and services and this is a very important concept” (Franco Pomilio).

Ethics is a branch of the philosophy that is very important for the activity of Pomilio Blumm and for its mission. The most important values of the existence play an important role for Pomilio Blumm and for this reason it would like to support and foster the culture and the education through a Contemporary Art prize, since Art is an essential part of the progress and of the human life. The Blumm Prize would like then to underline the need of the Contemporary Art to meet the demands of the civilized life through a relationship of exchange and interpenetration between Art and Life. It‘s necessary to consider Ethics as a connection among all the spheres of existence through artworks which could connect the Post-production, the Environmental Sustainability, the Relational and Social Art and the Civil Consciousness.
Blumm Prize is an opportunity for progress, development and growth. Blumm Prize is the chance that through the artwork of the artist, the Arts can come to light to convey the meanings of the world. The artwork means transformation, a mixture of beauty and imperfection, impermanence and disorientation, responsibility and participation.Any form of behaviour, the physical presence, the gesture, the action, the existence and being in the world: all this is Art. The most insignificant thing crawls under the skin of mental and physical structures and it activates a piston that beats persistently through a kinetic process, to contribute to the flow of the universe. Art, because of its different interpretations, is an identity that can be defined rhizomatic. Gilles Deleuze and FĂ©lix Guattari, in their last book, theorize the combination of the three disciplines of the knowledge such as philosophy, art and science. In order to distinguish and emphasize a type of philosophical inquiry that proceeds by multiplication and grafts, without defined areas of entry or exit, without inner hierarchies, they use the metaphor of the rhizome. The writer and poet, Edouard Glissand, who has devoted his life to study the concept of identity by opposing the totalitarianism, benefited from the meaning of rhizome described by the two philosophers. It is a root, the iris, for example, that unlike the trees or their bulbs, connects bodies and it brings into play very different regimes of signs and even non-signs states. Compared to centric or polycentric systems with possible connections, the rhizome system is acentric, non-hierarchical and non-significant. This widening and lengthening of the relations between spheres of existence could allow to live a better life at an anthropological and environmental level.


The subject of the Blumm Prize, to be developed without any limit of technique or language, is therefore the transparency between Institution and Citizen. This is a concept that involves all the aspects related to ethics, to citizenship, to the society, focusing on the importance of the trust in the relationship between public and private stakeholders as a guarantee of efficient services and as an instrument of civic awareness of shared values and principles.

© martina cavallarin

Martina Cavallarin, critic and independent curator, BLUMM Prize curator
Simona Gavioli, critic and independent curator, assistant curator of BLUMM Prize
Franco Pomilio, President of Pomilio Blumm
Rosanna Gangemi, managing director of DROME magazine
Vania Gransinigh, Curator of the Civici Musei in Udine, Casa Cavazzini
Paola Marino, applied communication at the Contemporary Art
Rizziero Di Sabatino, Gallerist

The Blumm PRIZE is a competition by invitation only. Martina Cavallarin, the Blumm Prize curator, in collaboration with Simona Gavioli and Pomilio Blumm invites the artists. The competition is intended for 20 artists under 40 which come from all over the world. They will exhibit their artworks, created with different types of techniques and languages, on September 25th, 2013, at the Italian Embassy in Brussels. During the opening gala, the Scientific Committee will choose THE BLUMM Prize WINNER, who will receive a cash prize of 9,000 Euros. Since 01.08.2013, an e-voting platform has been activating on the website http://www.blummprize.eu where all the useful information are available in order to vote the favourite artist. The aim of the Blumm Prize ON LINE is that the public could vote the career of the artist and not his artwork, that will be exhibited in Brussels. In our opinion, in fact, it’s interesting to know the career of the artists, their research, the level of their different artworks, rich in metalanguage and interdisciplinarity. Therefore, we asked the artists to send us their portfolio including images, critical essays, CV, bibliography and everything that could be important for the final evaluation. The public, in this way, has the opportunity to evaluate the CVs of the artists, the career, the different artistic trends and to watch videos and reading the critical essays.

>> http://www.blummprize.eu/blumm-prize-by-pomilio-blumm/#sthash.X5bvyn6K.lTfBRaDe.dpbs